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Festovers' founder, Thomas Panton, alongside other members of the events sustainability industry, has been focussed on solving the tent problem.

The problem is clear; tents are being brought to events, so tents will be left at events.

Whilst the switch to stopping single use tents being brought to festivals will not be an overnight one, festivals can begin to focus their efforts on this transition period. 


Festovers is working to offer two services during this time:

1. We will continue to collect, upcycle, and manage leftover festival tents on the largest scale available.

2. We will advise on a B2B pre-pitched model of durable quick pitch tents.

Eventually the festival industry will need to move solely to a prepitched model.  Festovers can begin to offer this service in the most affordable way, whilst opening up an avenue of profit for festivals previously untouched.  Whilst the transition takes place, Festovers will continue to be the main tent waste management company in the industry.

Get in touch to discuss moving your festival through the transition period.

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