Festovers' founder, Thomas Panton, has been working hard alongside another pioneer of circular solutions in events industry, Kieran vanden Bosch. Together they have developed the world's FIRST full circular solution to the tent waste crisis.

Pitched for You specialises in large-scale, pre-pitched camping accommodation at events. 

We deliver 2 or 4 person tents in any quantity, with single or double compartments at unbeatable speed. All our tents are quality built, with porches, fly screens and removable inner tents. Our 4 person tent is tall enough to stand in with the option of twin compartments.

No need for anyone to carry, store, pitch or pack down a tent ever again.

Not only this, but we are offering the first solution which reclaims profit for YOU. 


Over £5,000,000 worth of camping equipment is left at event sites every year in the UK alone.  We bring this revenue back to our clients, so that they have more capital to supercharge their events.

If you want to take the first steps in creating a closed sustainable loop within your event please don't hesitate to contact Thomas or Kieran to discuss the options available for you.

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